Welcome to Berkeley College

Welcome to Berkeley College at Yale University. Berkeley College boasts a central location, beautiful collegiate gothic architecture, and a renowned dining hall. Most importantly, we are a lively community of spirited students, faculty, and staff. “Life tastes better in Berkeley!” Enjoy your visit.

  • Berkeley’s news page contains important information for incoming students.

Dean's Corner

September 18, 2017
Hi Everyone,  Please find attached Volume 1, Issue 4 of the Dean’s Corner here for the week of Sept. 18th. It has my drop-in hours this week, dates and deadlines, a...

Berkeley Broadside

September 11, 2017
September 11, 2017 Monday, September 11     5:00pm    Course schedules due for Class of 2021     4:00pm    IM Coed Soccer vs ES     4:00pm    IM Women’s Tennis vs ES     5:...