Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliates are graduate and professional students who receive certain privileges in Berkeley in exchange for coordinating programs for, interacting with, and counseling undergraduates.  They have been active throughout the college in many ways: helping with freshman move-in, hosting Junior Semester Abroad and pre-med info talks, and sponsoring yummy study breaks.

If you would like more information on the Graduate Affiliate program, please follow the following link:

Graduate Affiliates for 2017-2018

Co-Head Grad Affiliates


Jessica Glass (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Jessica Glass (BK ‘10) is a PhD candidate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. Before starting her PhD, she spent four years in Alaska, first working on commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea, then getting a M.S. in Fisheries. She now studies the evolution of commercially important marine fish, using genetics to inform management and conservation. Her dissertation research focuses on the western Indian Ocean, from South Africa to Seychelles. In Alaska, Jessica spent her spare time fishing, hunting, and skiing. In New Haven, she rides on the Yale Polo Team and is often seen running around East Rock with her black lab, Zephyr. Get in touch if you want to talk about marine biology, grant writing, international research, or how to share a bathroom with 19 fishermen. 

Kavita Mistry (MD-PhD)

I love Yale. In fact, I love Yale so much that after graduating from Berkeley College (Class of ‘11), I decided to stay here for another 8 years as part of Yale’s MD/PhD Program! While I was at Yale College, I majored in English and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, took part in dance, volunteering and science research, and shared some wonderful times with fellow Berkeleyites and students from the other (lesser) residential colleges, alike. Although I initially thought about going to English grad school, I found my vocation to be in healing the sick, and in furthering scientific knowledge in order to allow doctors to better treat their patients. I’m currently in my seventh year in the MD/PhD program, and I’m loving it! In addition to my clinical and scientific work, I love to teach, grow flowers & vegetables, listen to the radio & audiobooks, and ride horses.


Grad Affiliates

Michael Cohen (Public Health)

Michael Cohen is a third year PhD student in the Health Policy and Management department. His research generally falls under the umbrella of health economics, with interests in quality and financial incentives, particularly related to long-term care. Prior to arriving in New Haven, he got his master’s degree from Harvard, worked for a few years in Boston, and received his BA from Washington University in St. Louis. When he’s not hitting the books, Michael enjoys hiking, cooking, listening to podcasts about Survivor, and competing with the Yale curling team.

Arpit Dua (Physics)

I am a PhD student in the Department of Physics. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2014.  I am currently working in the area of Quantum Computing and Condensed Matter which is at the intersection of physics, math and a ‘bit’ of computer science. During my undergrad, I gained international research exposure at the Max Planck Institute and the Perimeter Institute. For a while, I had been a programming enthusiast and participated in coding contests at the national level. Besides, I was fortunate to get a flavor of social entrepreneurship by doing foundational work for the chapter of Avanti Fellows at IIT Roorkee. Serving as a Young Ambassador for DAAD (Germany) for two years, gave me experience to talk about a number of fields at the graduate level and the corresponding scholarships. Feel free to talk to me about math, physics, programming and academic career options in general as well as social or technical entrepreneurship. I am looking forward to interact with you !

Jørn Emborg (Manufacturing engineering; Sustainable industry and capitalism)

Graduated 2016 from the University of Cambridge with a masters in manufacturing engineering. In theory, manufacturing engineers should be able to solve problems related to developing, making and selling stuff - whether this is sandwiches, furniture, ultrasonic gas meters, diesel engines or whatever you may desire. Here at Yale I am a Paul Mellon Fellow spending some of my time thinking about how we may go about paving the way for a more sustainable society - thinking about how we may ensure that democracy, environment, capitalism and industry play together rather than against each other.

I live in Berkeley so feel free to catch me in the dinning hall or at intra-murals for a chat about anything or everything. In general I just try to be nice, but if you are specifically interested in industry, manufacturing, sustainability, the Mellon Fellowship, populism or Europe (Scandinavia and Britain in particular) and studying in Europe might even have a somewhat qualified opinion.

Ken Gunasekera (MD-PhD)

My name is Ken Gunasekera (BK ‘15 – Thundercoqs Fly High). I’m from Long Island, NY, and am currently an MD-PhD student and will be pursuing my PhD training at the School of Public Health in Epidemiology of Microbial Disease. I’m really interested in medicine, social determinants of health, figuring out how to measure things, traveling, food, running, swimming, long walks, and spending time with people. I am happy to keep being a part of the Berkeley Community and would love to talk about academic/career stuff and other interesting things in life. If you see me in the dining hall or on campus, say hi – I promise to be friendly!

Daniel Jones (History)

Daniel is a history graduate student who studies corruption and identity in Early Modern Europe.  He is a Wurtele Gallery Teacher at the Yale University Art Gallery, and a McDougal Teaching Fellow at Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning. Daniel is a father of three young boys and is interested in everything and nothing else.  He enjoys physics, car repair, golf, carpentry, and Tim Horton’s coffee. Feel free to contact him with any questions about life at Yale, or if you need something fixed around the house!

Elizabeth Lee (Nursing)

I’m a second year student at Yale School of Nursing. I’m completing a masters in nursing to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. Before coming to Yale, I spent four years in San Diego, California, running on the beach, watching sunsets, getting the most out of my Disneyland pass, and eating burritos. I was also studying at University of California, San Diego majoring in Physiology & Neuroscience and Public Health. A big part of my college experience was working with Camp Kesem, a nonprofit that provides a free week of summer camp for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem has a special place in my heart and I am still involved here, with Yale’s chapter. I grew up in Burlington, Vermont and love the outdoors and all things maple-flavored. I’m excited to be part of Berkeley college and can’t wait to meet you all! Come ask me what special ingredient California burritos have that you won’t find in burritos in New Haven.

Jesse Marks (Law)

A proud 2011 Thundercoq, I am excited to continue my connection with Berkeley as a graduate affiliate. I am now a third-year student at the law school with academic interests in public economics, government innovation, and philanthropy. During my time away from New Haven, I worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in Washington, D.C., on the strategy team of Adidas America in Oregon, and on the analytics team of the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency in Addis Ababa. Outside of work, I love trail running at West Rock, rock climbing on Ragged Mountain, and cheering on my hometown soccer team, the New England Revolution. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk about careers in management consulting or sports, are considering law school, or want a trail running partner.

Rachel McMonagle (Forestry & Environmental Science)

Rachel McMonagle is a second-year Master of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, studying climate-smart resilience strategies for smallholder farmers in developing countries. To that end, she interned with the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome this summer and is conducting soil-based research on perennial wheatgrass at Yale’s West Campus. Prior to Yale, she worked on the Innovation Team at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC and lived in Ukraine for a Fulbright research fellowship 2013-2014. At Oberlin College, she majored in environmental studies and economics. She is looking forward to chatting with Berkeleyites about all things research, Fulbright, FES, environmental policy, and the best book you read this year.

Danielle Miyagishima (MD-PhD)

Danielle is a third year MD-PhD student in her first year transitioning into the lab. She is originally from New Mexico and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Biology from New Mexico State University. Her PhD will be in genetics studying genetics of brain tumors and aneurysms. Her other academic interests include teaching/tutoring, anatomy, bioethics, and neuroscience. She hopes to pursue a career in neurosurgery and is Co-President of a medical student organization (Yale Cushing Society) that hosts events with YMPO for Yale College students interested in the field (so if you are interested, or curious, talk to me!). Outside of school, Danielle enjoys anything outdoors (hiking/backpacking/camping, running, cycling, swimming, soccer, rock climbing), and cooking New Mexican food. She has three very cute (unbiased, of course) dogs that live with her in West Haven. Talk to her about: anything, philosophy, surgical (or any medical/biomedical research) career interests, life in general, or life as a dog mom. 

Taylor Ottesen (Medicine)

Taylor Ottesen was born in raised in Orem, Utah. After a two-year gap serving a mission for his church, Taylor completed a bachelors degree in Neuroscience and Anthropology at Brigham Young University. During college, he spent several years abroad working in various medical and educational settings including the founding of his non-profit organization in Visakhapatnam, India.  After college, Taylor took a gap year to expand and scale the NGO and apply to medical school.  Now as a student at Yale School of Medicine, his international interests continue to be a core interest particularly in the expansion of global access to safe and affordable surgical care. He is also interested in big data, policy, and biomedical innovation. He is continuing to expand his knowledge in epidemiology, statistics, and databases in hopes of utilizing these skills in a future surgical career.  He is passionate about orthopedics and research and wants to complete an orthopedics residency after his time here at Yale. Outside of school, Taylor enjoys traveling (he has been to 56 countries), trying new food, running, photography, rock climbing, and learning about faith.

Chase Roe (SOM)

Chase is a second year MBA student at the School of Management who did his summer internship at USAA’s mortgage department in San Antonio. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2006 with a degree in environmental engineering. He was then commissioned as an officer in the US Army where he served as an Apache Helicopter pilot for the next ten years at bases in Alabama, Texas, New York, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Chase is originally from North Dakota and enjoys hunting, fishing, playing any sports, flying airplanes, and playing the piano. Please feel free to reach out for discussion on anything!

Robin Tipps (Law)

Robin Tipps is a joint JD/MD student at Yale Law School and Duke University School of Medicine. He is entering both his second year as a law student at YLS and as a Graduate Affiliate at Berkeley. Prior to attending Yale, Robin worked at the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health in Baltimore and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. Robin also earned an LL.M. in Public Law from the National University of Ireland-Galway as a George Mitchell Scholar. In his free time, Robin loves to jog around New Haven, watch football and basketball (go Dallas Cowboys/OKC Thunder!), and get lost in the dinosaur exhibits of natural history museums. If you want to talk about law, medicine, dual degrees, applying for graduate scholarships, sports, all things Ireland, or transitioning to Yale after growing up in a rural community, please feel free to get in touch!

Tara Torabi (Medicine)

Tara is a second year medical student. After graduating from Brown in 2015 with a degree in Neuroscience, she received a Mitchell Scholarship to study Neuropharmacology at NUIG in Galway, Ireland. There, she spent her time traveling (too much) while also completing a master’s thesis focused on the neuroprotective potential of a cannabinoid receptor in Parkinson’s disease. As a medical student, she is a student leader of Physicians for Human Rights and the Student Interest Group in Neurology; she currently conducts research on campus in a lab focused on therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.