Creative and Performing Arts Awards for Fall Term 2016  Funds for this award may be used to support on-campus dramatic, musical, dance, video or film productions, literary publications, and exhibitions. Ideally, productions should be held in the residential colleges; if that is not possible, productions must take place on campus.

The Committee on the Creative and Performing Arts meets at the beginning of each term to review student proposals and determine awards. The committee conveys their decisions in writing to each Head of College who in turn informs his or her students.

The Council of the Heads of College has an online application process for the Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards in the residential colleges (previously known as the Sudler Awards) at http://creativeandperformingarts.commons.yale.edu/.  That website now includes both the application and the awards guidelines.  As in the past, successful proposals should have strong connections with the residential colleges, and the Treasurer of each project must be a member of the sponsoring college. 

Applicants will note the availability of funding to support the creation of handmade or self-published books, and the eligibility of “collective arts projects” that do not easily fall into other funding categories.

See the guidelines at http://creativeandperformingarts.commons.yale.edu/ for more information about funding guidelines.

Max and Reba E. Richter Scholarship Fund

A Richter Summer Fellowship is awarded for independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research, being part of a research team is a valid use. The maximum Richter awards is $1,000. Awards are reported to the IRS as taxable income. Awardees must disclose the amount of any other funding supporting the proposed project. Richter Fellowships are ordinarily awarded to juniors, but freshmen, sophomores and graduate affiliates are eligible. Seniors are not eligible. Recipients must promptly consult with the Head of College if significant changes occur in their project.

Richter Application:

The Richter Application can be found on the Student Grants Database.

Paul Mellon Fellowship

The Paul Mellon Fellowship is offered to an unmarried member of the Senior Class in Yale College for study at Clare College, Cambridge, for the coming academic year. The fellowships are normally renewed for a second year and fellowship recipients may request a third year.


An Applicant: 

1. Must demonstrate a genuine interest in Britain or in subjects that can best be approached by study in England.
2. Must agree that in the summer following his/her first year at Clare College he/she will devote some time to travel in the British Isles or on the Continent, and will not ordinarily expect to return to the United States during that time.
3. Must have a strong academic record at Yale.
4. Must have demonstrated qualities of leadership at Yale.

The Mellon Fellowship will pay directly to Clare College all tuition and college fees, including board and room expenses. Additionally, the Mellon Fellow will receive round-trip transportation from his/her home to Cambridge and a stipend of not less than $13,100 per year, payable in installments.


Applications can be found on the Student Grants Database website, request at least two people best able to judge his/her work and have them submit a letter of recommendation giving specific evidence of the candidate’s past achievement and future promise on the Student Grants Database website.  You may also contact Sarah Layedra (sarah.layedra@yale.edu) for more information. 

The best-qualified candidates will be called in March for an interview with the Committee, and they will be notified of the results of the competition shortly afterward.

Berkeley College Research Fellowship

Berkeley College Research Fellowships are awarded for independent study and research, not for mere travel, work, or enrollment in a school.  An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research; being part of a research team is also a valid use.  Please submit the application below to the BK Head of College Office.  Awards, typically in the $300-$1000 range, are to be reported to the IRS as taxable income.  Awardees must disclose the amounts of any other funds that support the proposed project.  Recipients must promptly consult with the Head of College if significant changes occur in the nature or scope of the project prior to its completion.

Eligibility for the fellowship includes all BK students who are eligible for enrollment in the Fall term of the calendar year of application.  Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received this award.

Application window:  April 15-April 30, for projects occurring later in the same calendar year (Summer or Fall)

Berkeley College Research Fellowship application