Berkeley Broadside - April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018


Monday, April 30

   1-4pm     Bishop Bash, mainly South Court (rescheduled from Friday)

   6:00pm   SophS’mores dinner, Barcelona (by prior sign-up)

Tuesday, May 1

   4:00pm   Piano recital, Anthony Ratinov BK’20, Swensen House (free!)

Wednesday, May 2

    5:00pm  Senior Reception, Swensen House

    5:30pm  Senior Portrait, South Court

    6:00pm  Senior Dinner, Dining Hall

Thursday, May 3

   2-5pm     Brie resumes her throne, BK office Entry F

Friday, May 4

   10:00pm  IM Study Break, Dining Hall

Saturday, May 5

   10-11pm  HoC Study Break, Ashley’s Ice Cream (280 York St)

Sunday, May 6

   11pm     Dean Miller’s Almost-midnight Breakfast, Dining Hall

On the horizon

Mon May 7   BKCC Study Break

Tue May 8    Camille Thomasson’s Study Break

Wed May 9   Karin Shedd’s and Edward Marsh’s Study Break

Thu May 10  Vacate dorms – best wishes for a fabulous summer!


Dear Berkeley,

Welcome to reading period!  The name would suggest Reading. Period.  And indeed what better time to catch up on all those obligations that somehow slipped past the radar in the last few weeks?  Yours truly is no exception.  Nonetheless, we have some college-wide events designed to try and liberate you from your academic chrysalis over the next ten days of our final push to the semester.  First, today is the rescheduled Bishop Bash!  George Berkeley (himself) wrote an impassioned letter for us all to celebrate the philosophy of nothingness by going out and filling our souls with inflatable obstacle courses, popcorn, and cotton candy.  There’s about an hour left for those delights, so let’s make it end with a flash mob that would make the Bishop of Cloyne truly proud!

Throughout the week, we have several events.  On Tuesday, our own Anthony Ratinov ’20 will give a short (~30 minute) piano recital in the Swensen House.  It starts at 4pm; if you come late, feel free to enter, but please do it quietly!  On Wednesday, everyone but BK’18 needs to find other dining halls, because we’re having our Senior Dinner.  Please gather first in the Swensen House for a champagne (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider) toast at 5pm; then adjourn to South Court at 5:30 for the class photo.  Dinner starts at 6pm, and concludes with a slideshow and superlatives organized by a dedicated crew of your classmates.

Starting Friday night, we begin our cavalcade of nightly study breaks.  They’re listed with times and places on the calendar above, so I won’t repeat them here.  Suffice to say, you all definitely deserve delectable delights in between final exams and papers.  Enjoy!

Peace, HoC Evans


This year, the Dean’s Corner is sent out separately from the Broadside.  Check your inbox for a message from Dean Miller with all the details!


Do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding your experiences in our dining hall or other dining halls on campus?  Please submit your feedback here.

BK’s math physics tutor, our own Aaron Hillman ’18, has an office in the office A-01 in South Court.  His hours are 7-9pm Thursday (he also has 7-9pm Sunday in Sterling 116C/D).

From the BK writing tutor, Cathy Shufro:

I’ll be seeing students for part of reading period. If you plan to bring me a paper of longer than 12 pages, please email me when you make the appointment. I’ll need the draft earlier than usual morning before our meeting, and we can agree on a drop-off time. Thank you.

Cathy Shufro

Go to and click on “Make an Appointment.” 


Missing something?  When we find assorted shiznit around the college, we bring it to the office, first floor in Entry F.  Isn’t it about the right time to come home?