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Contacting Berkeley College

Mailing Address (USPS):
P.O. Box 209128
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-9128

Street Address (UPS, FedEx):
205 Elm St.
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Head of College David Evans/Head of College’s Office:
Naomi DiGioia
(203) 432-0501

Dean Renita Miller

(203) 432-0502

Damaris Cardona
(203) 432-0502

Operations Manager Sarah Layedra
(203) 436-2899

Student Mail and Packages

All students at Yale are required to use their post office box for receipt of their mail and packages. Please note this excerpt taken from the Student Handbook:

Post Office Boxes
In order to receive mail on campus, all students are required by postal
regulations to have a post office box. Please be aware that U.S. mail sent to
you at Yale which does not include your post office box number will be subject
to delay in delivery, and in some cases will be returned to the sender.
Mail and packages received with a street address (including those sent to your
Head of College’s Office) must be looked up to determine the correct box number, then
returned to Yale Station. This causes a delay of 24 to 48 hours in the receipt
of your mail. To avoid this delay, use your box number on all mail. Do not use
the words Yale University, a street address, room number or the college or the
dorm name or address.

For items ordered online from a vendor that refuses a box number, leave off the “PO” and only use “Box _ _ _ _ _ _” . Don’t forget to use the complete zip. Orders should be received without delay and any follow-up materials (invoices, catalogs, etc.) will also go right to your box.

The correct format for your Yale address is:
Your name
PO Box _ _ _ _ _ _
New Haven, CT 06520- _ _ _ _

Remember: ALL USPS PACKAGES AND MAIL MUST BE ADDRESSED TO YOUR PO BOX, NOT TO A STREET ADDRESS OR YOUR HEAD OF COLLEGE’S OFFICE. ALL packages that can be sent through US mail can be sent to your post office box, not just packages that actually fit in your box. Visit Yale Station daily to pick up your mail!

All UPS and Fedex packages should be sent to 205 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06511

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