Berkeley Broadside

September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Monday, September 11

    5:00pm    Course schedules due for Class of 2021

    4:00pm    IM Coed Soccer vs ES

    4:00pm    IM Women’s Tennis vs ES

    5:15pm    IM Coed Tennis vs ES

    5:30pm    Fellows Meeting: Allegra di Bonaventura (topic: slavery in colonial New England). Interested students can sign up in the BK office, or email  You will be contacted with details.

Tuesday, September 12

    5:00pm    Course schedules due for Class of 2020, 2019, and YVISP

    4:00pm    IM Coed Football vs GH

    5:15pm    IM Men’s Football vs TD

Wednesday, September 13

    5:00pm    Course schedules due for Class of 2018 and Eli Whitney Scholars

    4:00pm    IM Men’s Tennis vs ES

    5:15pm    IM Coed Soccer vs BF

Thursday, September 14

   10:00pm   IM Table Tennis vs TC

Friday, September 15

    4-5 pm   Tea & Talk, Common Room

    8 pm      Berkeley Movie Classics, Cross Campus: The Wizard of Oz (weather permitting)

Saturday, September 16

    8 pm      Rain date for Wizard of Oz (Cross Campus)

Sunday, September 17

    4-5pm    BKCC meeting, Mendenhall Room (open to all)


Dear Berkeley,

We must really be in the swing of the semester now, because IM sports are beginning!  Schedules are coming due!  And … the Buttery is OPEN!! 

This past weekend’s BK Fun Fest was, well, fun!  Thanks to those intrepid among you, who made it out to Edgerton Park to enjoy games galore, beautiful sunshine, copious snacks, and the Green/Folk Expo.  And thanks to the BK office staff for orchestrating it all with aplomb.

This week’s college outdoor activity—while the warmer season lasts—is an outdoor movie night, on Friday at 8pm (or Saturday rain date).  We’ll be screening The Wizard of Oz, one of the all-time classics of cinema.  The location will be Cross-Campus, so that we can be right there with our Kettle Corn popcorn!  Our Resident Fellow Extraordinaire, Camille Thomasson, will be introducing the film as well as the optional activity of watching the screen while listening instead to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.  (Google it if this pairing puzzles you.)

Now for an update on our Dining Hall:  This week hopes to be a bit less crowded, as both Hopper and Trumbull are opening up permanent Ramen/Rice Bowl/Bibimbap stations.  Spread the word, and encourage people from other colleges to enjoy those alternate venues if they want all the same food without the crowds.  I should conclude that the possibility of restricting dinner transfers remains viable, if our high usage numbers persist.  Please stay tuned on this.

Peace, HoC Evans


This year, the Dean’s Corner is sent out separately from the Broadside.  Check your inbox for a message from Dean Miller with all the details!



The fall IM season starts now! We’ve got a lot of games this week, so dust off those cleats, tennis shoes, running shoes, or just go barefoot down to the IM fields! It’s going to be another great year for Berkeley as we begin our quest to recapture the Tyng. The IM system has been revamped, and the website is finally operable, so you can check the schedule, standings, and rules there (link below). 

Without further ado, here’s the schedule for the week:

     (also available at

Mon 9/11 4:00 Coed Soccer vs. Stiles

Mon 9/11 4:00 Womens Tennis vs. Stiles

Mon 9/11 5:15 Coed Tennis vs. Stiles

Tues 9/12 4:00 Coed Football vs. Hopper

Tues 9/12 5:15 Mens Football vs. TD

Wed 9/13 4:00 Mens Tennis vs. Stiles

Wed 9/13 5:15 Coed Soccer vs. Franklin

Thurs 9/14 10:00 Table Tennis vs. Trumbull

As always, everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out and show some BK pride!

Your IM Secs,

David, Carlin, Xindi, Ryan, Owen, and Amelia


Cock-a-doodle do thundercoqs! 

Congrats on finishing (another) shopping period!! I hope your schedules are glorious and everything you want them to be! 

We hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and its beautiful rays this week because it won’t last for long…and you know what that means…Screw is close!!! Get ready for all those updates as we continue to plan everything from top to bottom. If you’d like to help and be on committee, contact our SAC chair Safia Speer, she’d be happy to help you!

But before Screw, we have our usual Trivia Night!! It’ll be the end of this month so get your team together and start learning some miscellaneous facts to get ahead of everyone else.

We hope the upperclassmen are excited, and we’re excited to let the first-years know that, George Berkeley compliments are making a comeback! Let your roommate know just how much you love them for putting up with you, or that person you always see in the dining hall with the cool hair. Show some love to your fellow Berkeley-ites and be sure to like our George Berkeley Facebook page to see them all! 

We have a few more ideas in the works that we’re working on so hang tight BK, you’ll hear from us again soon! 



David Stevens (President), Kaveri Curlin (Vice President), Safia Speer (Student Activity Committee Chair), Azaria King (Secretary), and Lauren Chapey (Publicity Chair). 


From the BK writing tutor, Cathy Shufro:

Here’s the important part: Office hours have begun! To see me, make an appointment at the Yale writing center site and click on “make an appointment.” If you’re new to this, you’ll need to register, which takes just a sec.

The next step is to read the info box that pops up and explains how I work with writers. Basically, you email me whatever you’ve got down on paper (and the prompt) by dawn on the day we’ll meet. My office is in north court, entry I basement, near the study and TV room there.

You don’t have to have a paper ready: If you just want to brainstorm before writing or to chat about your writing process, that’s fine too. Or you can bring in the first paragraph of an essay. I mostly see work for humanities and social sciences classes, but I also help with lab reports and other projects in the sciences. (As a journalist, I write a lot about medicine and public health.) And I’m happy to look at application essays, cover letters, articles for Yale publications, and personal projects.

If you can’t find a time that works, email me and say when you are free, and I will try to fit you in at another time. But please check the online schedule first.

I look forward to our meetings.

Contact the BK office with questions, comments, or submissions. Submissions are due by noon, Friday, for publication on the following Monday.