Berkeley Broadside

May 9, 2017

Monday, May 8

    9:00pm   IM Study Break, Dining Hall

Tuesday, May 9

    9:00pm   Aides Frocos study break, Dining Hall

Wednesday, May 10

    4:00pm   Pam Alison Beckett end-of-term social, H21 North Court

Thursday, May 11

Underclassmen residences close, Noon

Next week and beyond

Thursday, May 18

    6:00 pm   Senior BBQ dinner, North Court / Swensen House

Saturday, May 20

    2:30-3:30  Baccalaureate address, Woolsey Hall

Sunday, May 21

    2-4pm    Class Day, Old Campus

    4-6pm    Family Reception, North Court / Swensen House

Monday, May 22

University Commencement, schedule TBA

Tuesday, May 23

Senior residences close, Noon


Dear Berkeley,

As my first year of HoC’ing comes to a close, I want to thank you all for being such an amazingly mature, caring, and creative community!  Associate Head Lely and I had such fascinating conversations and experiences with you.  We have a couple of shout-outs.  First to our Resident Fellows, all of whom will be migrating to greener pastures next year:  Professors George Chauncey & Ron Gregg in South Court (moving to Columbia Univ), and Alison Cole & Pam Saunders & Beckett & Tunda & Beezy in North Court (moving to Miss Porters School).  We’ll miss them all!  (We can introduce next year’s Resident Fellows in the Fall.)  And of course we’ll also be dearly missing Cyndi and Sue in the BK Office; happy retirement to both of them!

To the rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors of 2017-18: we wish you the best for your summer and can’t wait to hear about it in August!  Work on your capture-the-flag skills so that BK’21 doesn’t surprise you in the same way that BK’20 sent shockwaves across the universe eight months ago.  Be ready to welcome the L-dub newbies with another rousing party on Elm Street on August 25th!

To the soon-to-be Yale graduates: take care of yourselves if you travel between now and next week—and please know that we will have a big outdoor dinner party in North Court / Swensen House next Thursday (18th) starting at 6pm.  You won’t want to miss it, I promise!

Peace, HoC Evans


May 10


Examinations end, 5:30 p.m.
Deadline for all term papers and term projects. This deadline can be extended only by a Temporary Incomplete authorized by the student’s residential college dean.

May 11


Residences close for underclassmen, 12 noon. No exceptions!

May 22


University Commencement. Whoohoo, Congrats BK Seniors!

May 23


Residences close for seniors, 12 noon.


Hi Thundercoqs!

What a year! We got edged out in the Tyng, but second is still a strong finish, and we were miles ahead of third. But most importantly, IMs are really about all the friends we lose by being too competitive at IMs and “accidentally” hitting them in the face. Just kidding, IMs are about the friends we make along the way and getting outside to play some sports every once in a while. Looking back on our great run, we have to thank the graduating seniors (including the BK Athletics award winners pictured below). We also have to thank everyone else who came out to IMs and made this year a great one for Berkeley college.

But now it is time to turn the school calendar to 2017-18. And THIS is our year! We lost some great players, but we will be getting a whole new crop of freshpeople come fall. Next year will be all about participation with hopefully less forfeits from the other colleges. Hopefully you all can take the summer to really get into training for the fall IM season. In the fall we will be looking to hire some new IM secs to replace Andy and Sara, so look for an email over the summer about an application. But most importantly, get ready to BRING BACK THE TYNG in 2018!


BK IM Secs

Andy, Sara, David, Carlin, Xindi, Ryan


Wonderful BK, 

Wow! What a year! Thank you all so much for your continued support at all of our events this semester! We hope you enjoyed our last study break of the school year, we sure did! 

For those of you who still have finals, good luck! We know you got it, you’re Berkeleyites.

For those of you who are finished, congratulations! We hope your summer is beautiful and productive! We can’t wait to see your bright and shining faces for another semester! 

To the seniors: congratulations! You made it like we knew you would! We can’t wait to see all you do in the world, come back and visit! 

A special thank you to the BK FroCos: Tasnim, Hope, Julian, Nick, Ben, Helen and Abby! Your help has been greatly needed for the Class of 2020 and we appreciate you all a lot. Thanks so much for all the work you put into us and helping us make our first year great. 

Until next semester BK,

See you then. 

Love, BKCC

David Stevens (President), Kaveri Curlin (Vice President), Safia Speer (Student Activity Committee Chair), Azaria King (Secretary), and Lauren Chapey (Publicity Chair). 

EXTENDED DEAN’S CORNER (and other cool stuff)

Spring Salvage 2017: Donate Your Unwanted Items During Move-Out!

What You Need to Know: Beginning Tuesday, May 2, you can donate your unwanted items to Goodwill through Spring Salvage. Place “soft” items in the BLUE BINS and “hard” items in the GRAY BINS in your college. Furniture and other large items should be placed near the donation bins.

What Can Be Donated:

Soft (Blue)

Clothes, shoes, towels, bedding

Hard (Gray)

Books, housewares, electronics (broken or working), sports equipment

Other (To be placed near donation bins)

Furniture: Futons, chairs, bookshelves, beds

What Cannot Be Donated:


Undergarments, wet/soiled/mildewed fabrics, egg-crate foam, broken glass, trash

Our Take It or Leave It Policy: Spring Salvage has a “take it or leave it” policy for students, meaning that students are allowed to take donated items out of the collection bins for their own use. All we ask is that you please take or leave items in a way that maintains clean, organized collection sites.

Questions? Spring Salvage student and contracted workers will be on-site within each college on move-out days. You can recognize student workers by their bright yellow vests and contracted workers by their bright orange vests. Please ask Spring Salvage student workers any questions you have during move-out.

Our Purpose: Spring Salvage is an annual resource recovery program coordinated by Yale Recycling and the Office of Sustainability during undergraduate move-out that aims to reduce material waste by collecting and donating reusable items to Goodwill. In 2016, Yale donated over 50,000 lbs. through Spring Salvage. Play your part in donating material that benefits our local community.



The Elizabethan Club at Yale University, awards two Prizes for the best undergraduate student term paper or senior thesis/project on a subject of interest to the Club:

         Outstanding work on literature, arts, or culture of the Renaissance.
         Outstanding work on interpretations, re-creation, or criticism relating to literature, arts, and culture of the Renaissance.
         Outstanding work based on research done in the Elizabethan Club Library (used at the Beinecke Library).

Work from any department is eligible and nominations can come from faculty, advisors, or the students themselves. The competition is open to all Yale students, regardless of department. They do not need to be members of the Club.

The winner will receive a $1000 prize.

In order to be considered for this prize, the following deadlines must be met:

         By 4 P.M. on Friday, May 12: Submit an electronic copy of a completed paper or dissertation by sending it as an email attachment to Please use the subject line “Elizabethan Essay Prize, Undergraduate”.

For each submission, a letter of nomination or reader’s report from the department should also be sent to use the subject line “Elizabethan Essay Prize, Undergraduate—Nomination”.

 Papers received after 4 P.M. that day cannot be considered because of the tight deadlines under which the selection committees must operate.
If you have questions or for additional information contact

Joseph W. Gordon
President of the Elizabethan Club