Berkeley honors members of its community with various prizes conferred by the Head of College and Dean.


One honor bestowed upon Berkeley’s newest members at the end of their first year is the Samantha Landau Beggs Prize. This prize is given to a first-year student whose presence is profoundly felt throughout the Berkeley community. Like Samantha, this individual should exhibit an indescribable flair: a spirit and love for people, fun, and life; a tenacious pursuit of academic and artistic excellence; and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the world in which we live.


Most of the prizes are awarded to Berkeley seniors to recognize their contributions to the College, be it academic or social. The senior prizes are:

ATHLETIC PRIZE Given to the senior who has contributed most to the College’s athletic program.

BISHOP BERKELEY PRIZE Awarded to that member of the College who has “best discovered the intellectual potentialities of a university.”

FELLOWS’ PRIZE For that member of the College who has “brought the most light and air” to the College.

MEAD CUP Given to a senior who has contributed the most in leadership and service.

CHARLES SEYMOUR PRIZE (1963) Richard L. Purdy, B.A. 1925, as a memorial to Charles Seymour, B.A. 1908, first Head of Berkeley College, and President of the University 1937-50. To be awarded annually to that Berkeley senior who has maintained the highest standing in the humanities.

TRIFFIN PRIZE To be awarded annually to the Berkeley senior with the best record in the social sciences.

REGINALD L. TUCKER PRIZE Awarded to a senior who, either through formal leadership roles or by the force of his or her own personality, has helped make Berkeley College a closer, more vital community.

WOHLENBERG PRIZE Established in honor of Walter J. Wohlenberg, Dean of the School of Engineering 1948-55, and a Fellow of the College 1933-56. For an outstanding senior in the field of engineering or physical sciences.

CRIMSON AND SILVER This award is given by the college council to the senior who has worked to improve the quality of life in the college.