COVID-19 Resources @ Berkeley College

February 2021

Dear Berkeley College Residents,

While we hope this is not the case, should you find yourself in Close Contact Quarantine (CCQ) at any point this semester, we wanted to provide you with the information and supplies you would need.  Close contact quarantine requires you to remain in your room or suite.  There are services provided to support students in CCQ, including meal delivery and laundry service.

Laundry Supplies: In order to be prepared in case a student needs to go into CCQ, we have put together kits for each suite. Please stop by the Berkeley College Package Center (former Computer Room in South Court Basement) to pick up your CCQ Laundry Kit (one kit per suite!). The Package Center is open Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. Please pick these up at your earliest convenience so that you have it just in case you need itIf you do not pick up your kit, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get you the supplies right away and you may need to wait until the next scheduled laundry pick-up to have your laundry done.    

These kits include the supplies you’ll need in to leave laundry to be picked up by the contracted laundry service. Each kit contains two clear plastic bags (to put your clothes in) and pre-printed labels for each student in your room/suite. Please do not use the supplies in these kits unless you are in CCQ. We are giving these out ahead of time so that you don’t find yourself in a situation on a Sunday night where you need to put together laundry to be picked up on Monday morning and have no supplies to do so. If at any time you need additional supplies, please let me know.

Laundry Services: If you are in CCQ, please email Berkeley’s Operation Manager, Sarah Layedra, at and let her know you want to sign up for the service (don’t wait until it’s urgent!).  Sarah will send you a link to use to schedule your pickup and provide you with more detailed information about how to label your bags, etc. You’ll leave your bags outside your suite for pickup. Pickups are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with laundry returned on those days as well (i.e. Pickups on Monday are returned on Wednesday).  Laundry must be left outside of your suite door and properly labeled by 8a on pickup days.   

Trash: If you are in CCQ, please use the black trash bags left in each bathroom by facilities for your trash.  When you go out for your allowed daily 15-minute walk, please put your trash in the outdoor trash receptacles located in South Courtyard near Laz Library.

Packages: If you are in CCQ and you receive a notification from the BK College Aides that you have a package available for pick-up in the BK Package Center, please email Sarah Layedra at to arrange for delivery of your package to the hallway outside of your room/suite door.

Meals: If you are in CCQ, Yale Hospitality will reach out to you directly via email to arrange for meals to be delivered to the hallway outside of your room/suite door.   

Again, we hope you don’t find yourself in this situation this semester, but if you do, you will have the information and supplies needed! Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • The Berkeley College Office