Berkeley College Senior Awards 2020

Please note, this website will be updated with additional award recipients as information is recieved.  



Arts Prize awarded JOSEPH PETER BOSCO, RONAN CAL DAY-LEWIS, ANTHONY RATINOV and HENRY SHAPARD for the seniors who have used their talents in the creative or performing arts to enhance the cultural fabric of the college.

Athletic Prize-IMs awarded to AMELIA FARINAS and OWEN ODGEN for the seniors who have contributed most to the College’s Intramural Athletic Program.

Berkeley Fellows’ Prize awarded to ELIZABETH RUDDY for the senior who has “brought the most light and air” to the college.

Biological Science Prize awarded to AMELIA FARINAS for being an outstanding Berkeley senior in the field of Biological Sciences.

Bishop Berkeley Prize awarded to VICTOR OLUWATOMISIN AYENI for the senior who has “best discovered the intellectual potentialities of a university.” 

Charles Seymour Prize awarded to ANNE QI LU for the Berkeley senior who has maintained the highest standing in the Humanities.

Community Leadership Prizes awarded to DALTON RAY BOYT, RICHARD HWANG, ESTHER RITCHIN AND REBECCA BLAKE RUTLAND SOULEN in recognition of those who serve the college in a myriad of formal college leadership roles, or serve informally as BK ambassadors in their leadership of extracurricular organizations.

Crimson & Silver Prize awarded to SAFIA SIMONE SPEER for the senior who, in the estimation of his or her classmates, has contributed the most to the life of the college.

Mead Cup awarded to award to GRACE JIN for being the member of the graduating class who has contributed most effectively and broadly, with persistence and thoughtfulness, to the betterment of the college.

Mellon Commonplace Prizes awarded to JASPER BLAKE SCHEIDER FEINBERG and AZARIA KING for seniors who have gone above and beyond for the Berkeley Commonplace Society.

Reginald L. Tucker Prize awarded to XÁN CARLOS MIÑÁN for the senior who “by leadership or force of personality, made Berkeley a closer, more vital community.”

The Ketcham Prize awarded to WILLIAM HORVATH for the best thesis in American History by an undergraduate member of Berkeley College, irrespective of personal means.

The Katherine and Alexander Capelluto Prize awarded to DONYA FEGAN for a Berkeley senior who is, like both Alex and his sister Katherine were, in their time at Yale, someone “whose enthusiasm, intelligence, values, embrace of challenges, and social grace inspire others to make a difference in this world, and whose manner actively reflects the big-hearted conviction that the living of life is meant to be a joyous experience.”

Triffin Prize awarded to SARAH JOY WIDDER for the Berkeley senior who has maintained the highest standing in the Social Sciences.

Wohlenberg Prize awarded TO JASPER BLAKE SCHEIDER FEINBERG for a Berkeley senior in the field of engineering or in the physical sciences.


Arthur Twining Hadley Prize Awarded to JASPER FEINBERG for the graduating senior majoring in the social sciences who ranks highest in scholarship. 

Bach Society Seniors Prize Awarded to HENRY SHAPARD for a graduating senior who has demonstrated a high level of musicianship and has contributed significantly to the musical activities on campus

Biancamaria Finzi-Contini Calabresi Prize Awarded to ANNE LU for Comparative Literature in Yale College for their essay “Singing for Herself: Women and Poetic Tadition in Louise Labe and Liu Rushi” 

David Everett Chantler Award (Council of Heads of College) Awarded to JACKSON WILLIS for the Senior who has best exemplified the qualities of courage, strength of character, and high moral purpose which were characteristic of the life of David Everett Chantler

Deforest Pioneers Prize Awarded to ELIZABETH RUDDY for distinguished creative achievement in physics

Fullbright Scholarship Awarded to GRACE JIN for Open Study/Research - China

Howard Douglas Moore Prize Awarded to ISAAC WENDLER for excellence in the field of Chemistry     

James Andrew Haas Memorial Prize Awarded to JACKSON WILLIS for a member of the Senior Class in Yale College whose breadth of intellectual achievement, strength of character, and fundamental humanity shall be adjudged by the Faculty to have provided leadership for their fellow students, inspiring in them a love of learning and concern for others

John Hubbard Curtis Prize Awarded to MARIAH KREUTTER for excellence in English

Knight-Hennessey awarded to RAHUL NAGVEKAR for Graduate Study at Stanford

Louis F. Laun Prize Awarded to JASPER FEINBERG for a Senior majoring in economics for overall excellence in their program of study in Yale College

Nellie Pratt Elliot Award Awarded to FRANCES ARNAUTOU for a senior woman who, on the field of play and in her life at Yale, best represents the highest ideals of American sportsmanship and Yale tradition

Percival Wood Clement Prize Awarded to WILLIAM HORVATH for his essay “The 1950s ‘War on Narcotics’: Harry Anslinger, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and Senator Price Daniel’s Probe”

Richard U. Light Fellowship awarded to AMANDA LEE for Intensive study of Chinese

Rotary District Scholarship awarded to GRACE JIN for MA - Graduate Institute Geneva

Rotary International Scholarship awarded to JACKSON WILLIS for Economics at St. John’s College, Cambridge University

The Williams Prize Awarded to YOOJIN HAN for her essay “Redefining through Remembering: China’s Political Objectives as Reflected in Chinese State Commemoration of the Korean War, 1950 - 2010”

William K. McKim Prize (Council of Heads of College) Awarded to DUSTIN NGUYEN for a Senior who has shown marked improvement in academic standing in upper class years and who has made a significant contribution in one or more activities outside the classroom

Wolfgang Leonhard Prize in Russian and East European Studies Awarded to RAPHAEL VERON for a senior who has written an outstanding senior essay on Russia or East Europe 

Wrexham Prize in Music  Awarded to ANTHONY RATINOV for a Senior who, as a performer, has best exemplified the standards of Quincy Porter

Yale College Postgraduate Award given to ALE CANALES for study of Trans Photography Archive in Mexico City


FRANCES LEE ARNAUTOU, Distinction in History
VICTOR OLUWATOMISIN AYENI, Distinction in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry
ERIC SCOTT BENNINGHOFF, Distinction in Political Science
MANUEL ESSIEN BREWER, Distinction in Neuroscience
LAUREN RENEE CHAPEY, Distinction in Engineering Science-Mechanical
IN KYU CHUNG, Distinction in Philosophy
RONAN CAL DAY-LEWIS, Distinction in Art
ALEXANDER GREGORY De JESUS, Distinction in American Studies and Distinction in Environmental Studies
SONALI GABRIEL DURHAM, Distinction in Mathematics Intensive
HALA ALLY EL SOLH, Distinction in Ethics, Politics & Economics
AMELIA JEAN FARINAS, Distinction in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry
DONYA ELESE FEGAN, Distinction in English
JASPER BLAKE SCHEIDER FEINBERG, Distinction in Economics and Distinction in Engineering Science-Mechanical
ZACHARY ANDREW GLASS, Distinction in Global Affairs
ISABEL BELÉN GUARCO, Distinction in History
YOOJIN HAN, Distinction in Global Affairs and Distinction in History
NICHOLAS SEVE HERRERA, Distinction in Computer Science
WILLIAM JOSEPH HORVATH, Distinction in History
RICHARD HWANG, Distinction in Film and Media Studies
JANE RAYE JACOBS, Distinction in Architecture
MAYA JEYENDRAN, Distinction in Mathematics and Distinction in Statistics and Data Science
GRACE JIN, Distinction in Global Affairs
MICHAEL BERLEMAN KEARNEY, Distinction in Classics
MARIAH HOLLIS KREUTTER, Distinction in English
FIONA MARGARET KURYLOWICZ, Distinction in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
YOUNG SOO KWON, Distinction in Political Science
CHEYENNE VIRGINIA LIBERTI, Distinction in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
ANNE QI LU, Distinction in Comparative Literature
BISHOY NABIL MEGALLA, Distinction in History
PENGPENG MIAO, Distinction in Mathematics & Philosophy
XÁN CARLOS MIÑÁN, Distinction in Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies
RAHUL NAGVEKAR, Distinction in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology Intensive
OWEN GLEN OGDEN, Distinction in History
ANTHONY CHARLES RATINOV, Distinction in Chemical Engineering
ESTHER HANA RITCHIN, Distinction in English
ELIZABETH PEERS RUDDY, Distinction in Physics Intensive
GABRIELLA TRAINOR SEO, Distinction in Cognitive Science
ANTONIA ELISABETH SEYFARTH, Distinction in Ethics, Politics & Economics
AKILA SHANMUGHAM, Distinction in Global Affairs
ISADORA HESSLAU SHANNON, Distinction in Film and Media Studies
HENRY ALEXANDER SHAPARD, Distinction in History
SPENCER JOHN SHIMEK, Distinction in Ethnicity, Race & Migration and Distinction in Political Science
MAX SOLOTAR, Distinction in Political Science
REBECCA BLAKE RUTLAND SOULEN, Distinction in Ethics, Politics & Economics
NICHOLAS LASZLO SZABO, Distinction in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology Intensive
RAPHAEL GREGOIRE VERON, Distinction in History
LUCAS ALBERT WALZ, Distinction in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
CHASE EVERETT WARREN, Distinction in Ethnicity, Race & Migration
ISAAC SAMUEL WENDLER, Distinction in Chemistry and Distinction in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
GWENDOLYN CARTER WHEELER, Distinction in Environmental Studies
SARAH WIDDER, Distinction in Cognitive Science
JACKSON STOVALL WILLIS, Distinction in Economics and Exceptional Distinction in Humanities
JAMES LENNON WOOD, Distinction in American Studies