First Year Counselors

Berkeley College FroCos 2020-2021

The First-Year Counselors are seniors who live near, advise and help the freshmen throughtout their first year at Yale.

Tom Coile

Coming Soon

Brian Lin

“I’ve learned a lot in college. I’ve learned a lot from my own Froco, my classmates… my astronomy teacher… but I’ve also learned a lot from my first-years. When I asked my first-years to share a short piece of advice for each other, one of them told us to always “Live Well” (thanks, Sam). Our time in college is short… too short to fret over a couple mistakes on a pset or not getting into that ultra-selective pre-professional extracurricular club. Take some time to realize that these 4 years will be among the most enjoyable years of your life. Live it well and have no regrets.”

Brian Reyes

Hey everyone! My name is Brian (he/him/his) and I’m super excited to be a BK FroCo this year. I‘m a history major, a very proud New Yorker (as in the city), and a strong supporter of BK North Court. One of my main takeaways from my time at Yale is that even if I get really busy, things are managable and most enjoyable when I’m pursuing things I care about, both inside and outside of the classroom. Thankfully, Yale has the resources for everyone to follow their interests–if you have questions about how you might do that, please let the FroCos know! Welcome BK ‘24!  

Daud Shad

Hey everyone! I’m Daud, a senior in Berkeley from New Jersey, majoring in Architecture (Urbanism) and Political Science. My main academic interest is sustainable development. Outside of the classroom, I’m the co-coordinator of Dwight Hall (Center for Public Service and Social Justice), and I’ve been active in the Rotaract Club, The Globalist (magazine), and the Muslim Students Association. I love biking in New Haven, listening to music from around the world, and eating pizza. I’m excited to be one of your FroCos this year!

Amy Zhang

One of my favorite memories from first year is pumpkin carving in the sunny Hopper courtyard, an event my friend and I spontaneously went to our first year. We had a blast carving designs, chatting, and munching on candy apples. We also left with pumpkin seeds, which we eventually roasted into a tasty snack!