First Year Counselors

Berkeley College FroCos 2019-2020

The First-Year Counselors are seniors who live near, advise and help the freshmen in Lanman-Wright Memorial Hall (L-dub)

Anthony Anzano 

On the last night of my first year at Yale, my roommates gathered in the illustrious L-Dub Courtyard to take a suite photo before we parted ways for the summer. Now to most, this seems like a pretty routine detail to what should have otherwise been a year full of memorable moments. Now don’t get me wrong my first year at Yale was full of memories, but this was the most memorable because of what it represented. Eight months earlier we were perhaps four of the most different individuals that could have been assigned a suite together, and by the end we have all grown as both humans and friends.

Dalton Boyt

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Donya Fegan

During my first year at Yale, I learned a lot about how much I can change. I believed, when I arrived, that I knew exactly what my future held; after a few months of hilarious shenanigans with my suite mates, fascinating conversations with my friends, and self-reflective interactions with my advisers, however, I learned that my life and my mind was susceptible to change, and that to fight such change is to do myself a disservice. In the years since, I’ve learned to accept the curve balls. I plan less, and let myself explore more. I develop and grow every day, and have fun doing it!

Richard Hwang - Head Counselor

Yale taught me that being the most honest version of yourself is the best way to find happiness and direction. While the weight of internalized expectations might seem hard to shed, the friends you meet at Yale and the chance to explore your passions will set you free.

Dustin Nguyen

My favorite thing from my first year would have to be being one of the first-year liaisons for the AACC (Asian American Cultural Center). We basically got paid to meet new classmates, and then plan fun events for them! My most cherished memories were probably breakdancing to a packed Woolsey Hall, cooking up a turkey dinner at the AACC for those who stayed over Thanksgiving break, and then hosting high school admits (Yale pre-frosh) for Bulldog Days at the center the second semester.

Neche Veyssal 

What surprised me about Yale is although it is academically challenging, there is much more to Yale outside of classes! There are always events going on from concerts to shows to various hackathons/conferences occurring every weekend and more. There are groups catering to every level of experience one may have. On top of the events, students are very friendly and always trying to help out in any way they can, making the time on campus fly.

Lucas Walz

1) After Spring Fling had ended, my friend (who I hadn’t seen all day) and I made eye contact with each other and he immediately started chasing me. I felt the pure ecstasy of being an elementary school kid at recess as we had effectively communicated to commence a game of tag without any words being spoken. 

2) I learned when not to trust people.

3) How much fun everyone could have while still maintaining such an intense work ethic and passion for learning.

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