Berkeley Broadside - September 3, 2018

September 3, 2018

September 3-ish, 2018
CALENDAR  Items in red are of primary academic concern
Tuesday, September 4
 1:30-4:00pm     Dean B drop-in hours I (Entry F, 1st floor)
Wednesday, September 5
 10-11:30am    Dean B drop-in hours II (Entry F, 1st floor)
 1:30-2:45pm   Dean B drop-in hours III (Entry F, 1st floor)
Thursday, September 6
 10-11:30 am   Dean B’s drop-in hours IV (Entry F, 1st floor)
 1:30-3 pm       Dean B’s drop-in hours V, (Entry F, 1st floor)
 4-5pm             IM coed flag football vs TD (buses depart
                        Payne Whitney every 15 mins)
 9-10pm           Big/Little Sib cupcakes, Common Room
Friday, September 7
 10-11:30am   Dean B’s drop-in hours VI (Entry F, 1st floor)   1:30-3pm       Dean B’s drop-in hours VII (Entry F, 1st floor)
 5:30-7pm       Mentopalooza dinner, Swensen House
 8pm               BK Film Society, outdoor cinema, Cross
                       Campus: “Up”
Saturday, September 8
Sunday, September 9
 4-5pm          BKCC meeting, Mendenhall Rm (open to all)
Monday, September 10
 1:30-4pm    Dean B drop-in hours (Entry F, first floor)
 **5:00pm**  Final course schedules for the Class of 2022
                    due in the BK Dean’s Office.
Looking ahead
 Tu 11 Sept    Final course schedules for the Class of
                      2020,2021 due in the BK Dean’s Office.
 W  12 Sept   Final course schedules for the Class of 2019,
                      EliWhitney due, BK Dean’s Office.

                      All students planning to complete degree
                      requirements at the end of the fall term must
                      file a petition by this date.  

                      Final deadline to apply for a fall-term Leave of
                      Absence.  Withdrawal from Yale College on
                      or before this date entitles a student to a full
                      rebate of fall-term tuition.

 W 12 Sept   Fellows meeting with Wazhma Sadat, “A
                     Journey from Kabul to Yale,”  Swensen
                     House.  Interested students can sign up here
                     to attend.
Dear Berkeley,
Congrats to all of our runners in the Faxon Law New Haven Road Race , which endured some blistering hot and humid weather.  Special congrats to Aurora Grutman ’22, who finished third place among women 19 and younger!  Other top times were earned in the half-marathon by Katrina Garry ’18 and Nathan Paumier ’21.  In the 5k race, our top finishers were Washakie Tibbetts ‘21 (30th place overall with a 17:42 bib time), Elliot Britton ’22, and Charlotte Emerson ‘21.  Our new BK Eli Whitney students Andrew Nguyen and Allegra Pankratz finished 6th and 7th place in the military category.  In the half-marathon relay, David Stevens ’19 and Katie Shy were the 12th-place team, followed some minutes later by team “AD-HoC” (“Academic Dean and Head of College,” i.e. Dean B and myself).
Despite torrid heat into the afternoon, BKCC Capture the Flag went as planned today.  No cancellations, no regrets!  Congrats to BK’22, who pulled off the slimmest of victories with a final score of 2-2.  Thanks to all who participated, BKCC for making it happen, and Anthony Anzano ‘20 and Colin McCloskey ‘20 for emceeing!  Speaking of great participation in BK sports events, note that the weather will be much more accommodating for our Fall IM events, which start this week on our long quest to regain the Tyng Cup (see BK Intramurals section below).
Toward the end of the week, we have our Big/Little Sib cupcake mixer in the Common Room (Thurs evening) and the Mentorpalooza dinner at the Swensen House (Fri evening).  See the calendar above for event times.  Also on Friday, the BK Film Society will be presenting “Up” on Cross-Campus lawn.  Bring a blanket and a friend, and enjoy cinema under the stars!
Please scroll down for other interesting events this week, including a BK student film, your Personal Librarian (yes, that exists at Yale), and more!
Now for the return of our famed BK lottery series!  We’ll start with a gift bag of Berkeley Bling from our stock of merchandise!  Sign up here anytime between now and Friday.
Peace, HoC Evans
Greetings Berkeleyites,
I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! What follows in this edition of the Dean’s Corner are a few tips and reminders related to course selection and various resources in BK and around campus. Additionally, I’m happy to announce our latest resource: the Dean’s Office Calendar, which you can find here. Please bookmark this site , as it contains important reminders about academic deadlines, my drop-in hours, etc. The calendar will be updated at the end of each week, so start getting in the habit of checking it. We also will be including slides that feature the calendar content on the TV monitors in the Dean’s Office and Dining Hall in addition to publishing this information in the Broadside.
Berkeley est optimus!
Dean B
DROP-IN HOURS for the next two weeks are as follows: 
Tues., Sept. 4: 1:30-4:00 pm
Wed., Sept. 5: 10:00-11:30 am and 1:30-2:45 pm
Thurs., Sept. 6: 10:00-11:30 am and 1:30-3:00 pm
Fri., Sept. 7: 10:00-11:30 am and 1:30-3:00 pm
Mon., Sept. 10: 1:30-4:00 pm
Tues., Sept. 11: 10:00-11:30 am and 1:30-3:00 pm
Wed., Sept. 12: 10:00-11:30 am and 2:00-3:30 pm 

APPOINTMENTS:  To schedule an appointment with Dean B outside of drop-in hours, contact Damaris (; 203-432-0502). If you have a routine question that you wish to send by email, please send it to both Damaris and Dean B, and whoever can answer it first, will. Please remember that Damaris is at lunch from noon to 1:00 pm every day, so plan accordingly especially when calling / emailing to schedule an appointment.
Course schedules must be sealed online, printed, and signed by appropriate advisers before being submitted to the Berkeley Dean’s Office. Secure necessary appointments with advisers early on!  The deadline on each of the dates listed in the Calendar at a Glance above is 5:00pm sharp. Schedules submitted at 5:01pm are late. Students submitting a late schedule are fined $50. Recap of deadlines:
     - Class of 2022: Monday, September 10
     - Class of 2020 and 2021: Tuesday, September 11
     - Class of 2019 and Eli Whitney students: Wednesday,
       September 12 

If you finalize your course schedule early and are able to get your adviser’s signature, feel free to drop it off at the BKDO before the deadline.
Courses for which you are wait-listed when shopping period ends: If you are wait-listed for a course when shopping period ends, do not include it on your course schedule. Instead, hand in your schedule by the deadline with a note attached stating that you are on the waitlist. Should you come off the wait list and become able to take the course, come to my office and complete a Course Change Notice (including your own and your instructor’s signatures). Leave it with Damaris along with a CHAS petition (ask or email Damaris for that form). Your petition will need to include a written statement from your instructor (email is fine) certifying that you now have his/her permission to join the class and that you will be able to catch up with work already covered. Timeliness is critical when submitting these petitions!
Anticipate final exams: Preview what your final exam schedule will look like as you pick your courses to avoid creating conflicts or overwhelming loads during the final exam period.
Course Load: A schedule of 3 or 3.5 course credits and a schedule of 6 course credits or more needs my permission before the schedule is handed in. Schedules of fewer than 3 course credits are not permitted unless you are part of the Eli Whitney Students Program. Schedules of 4 or 4.5 credits are strongly encouraged for first-year (first term) students.
Course Overlap: Enrollment in courses that overlap requires special permission. Online Couse Selection does not check for conflicts in class meeting times (that is the student’s responsibility). Contact me if this applies to you. 
Course Schedule: Once you print your final schedule, you cannot go back in to OCS to make changes and print a different final schedule. The inclusion or removal of a course must be hand written on the printed final schedule itself (in the Include and Remove Sections).  If you need to add or remove anything on your course schedule, please see Damaris.
Professional School OR Graduate School Courses: 
Graduate School Courses
Blue forms are not required for graduate school course enrollment. Most graduate school courses can be added to the OCS worksheet for 1 Yale College course credit. Exceptions to this are independent study/research courses and courses that have historically been approved for a Yale College course credit value other than 1. A list of exceptions is provided on theUniversity Registrar’s Office website and includes instruction as to how to proceed with enrollment, if enrollment is allowed. Students are directed to this information during the course registration process in OCS.
Professional School Courses
Blue forms are required for ALL professional school course enrollment.
Course schedules: Students should add professional school courses (including second-half courses) to their schedules before they seal. Courses not available to be added in OCS must be written on the paper schedule. Late additions require a Course Change Notice (CCN), for a $20 fee. 

Independent Study Limits (Directed Reading, Directed Research, etc.): There are limits on the number that a student can enroll in during a given year and over four years. See here. Enrolling in an independent study requires the additional permission of the relevant Director of Undergraduate Studies.
The Fall Intramural Athletics season begins this week!
Who wants to be a team captain!?!!
Football, Soccer, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Golf, and more!    
Contact our IM Secs (see below)
Calling all Thundercoqs,
The Tyng calls once again, and BK must answer! The stakes are high as our first week of IMs commence:
COED Flag Football vs TD - 09/06/18, 4:00pm on the IM Fields (The buses that lead to the IM Fields depart from the front of Payne Whitney Gym every 15 minutes. - look for other Coqs to find your way).
We need to start strong and fast this year, so all those amazing First-Years winning on XC against upperclassmen need to show. Next week is far more intense. The Coqs shall rise again!
Your IM Secs,
Ryan Lim ‘19, Amelia Farinas ‘20 and Owen Ogden ‘20
Welcome back to the Roost, Berkeleeyyyyy!! To our newest and youngest thunderChicks, we hope you’re beginning to call Berkeley home (or maybe that would be the Lanman-Wright…..) And for u upperclassCoqs, hope ur summers were as fulfilling as they were relaxing! Here’s what BKCC has ready for y’all:
Congrats 2 those first-years on winning the Capture the Flag title this Labor Day! It was reaaall hot but hopefully the ice cream helped cool ppl down. Special thank u to Anthony Anzano and Colin McCloskey for mCing (em-cee-ing???). ‘Twas a blast!
Our first BKCC meeting on Sunday went gr8! Loved seeing that upperclass AND first-year turnout :P We discussed a whole lotta stuff, but just keep an eye out for announcements relating to ThunderBall (formerly BK screw). 
Ok, that’s about it ~~ Get out there and show the world how it’s done, Berkeleyites!
Urs 4ever,
Lauren Chapey (President), Safia Speer (Vice President), Ohshue Gatanaga (Student Activities Committee Chair), Qusay Omran (Secretary), and Charlotte Emerson (Publicity Chair). 
A message from BK WRITING TUTOR Cathy Shufro:
Any writer can benefit from the insights of a reader. Just as I depend on magazine editors to stand in for my readers, I will do the same for you.
So: Go to the tutoring sign-up page (using this link or via the search terms “college tutor Yale”). Under BK, choose a time slot from the “BK only” line or the “all students” line. I offer “BK only” hours in hopes of getting to know you and working with you from your first reading response to your senior essay.
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email with directions to my office in North Court basement (near the big study room). That message will include instructions for sending me a draft.
You don’t need to have a draft, however. I’m happy to help you choose among prompts, to brainstorm with you about an assignment, or to talk over your writing process. Besides academic papers, you may bring in personal writing, cover letters, and application essays for fellowships, internships and grad school.
You are free to meet with tutors from other colleges—but not to bring the same draft to more than one tutor; the purpose of this rule is to leave time for other students. If you find you can’t come to an appointment, please cancel by the evening before.
Are you a proud member of Berkeley College who’s looking for a leadership role on campus? If so, you’re in luck! The BK FELLOWS PROGRAM is looking for an Associate Liaison to join our team and ultimately take over the student-led portion of the program once our senior leaders graduate. 
What You’ll Do
-  Assist in launching programming to build relationships
   between current BK students and our wonderful alumni
-  Organize communications to the BK community; 
-  Low time commitment (infrequent, as-needed meetings;
    ~2 hours/week of work) 
-  Run the student-led portion of the Program starting
   Spring of 2019
-  Benefits: gaining leadership experience in the BK 
   community, learning more about and connecting with our
   extensive BK alumni network, helping to establish new
   programming that will allow BK students to build
   meaningful connections with notable alumni 
What We’re Looking For
-  Second and third year students (‘20 or ‘21)
-  Organized, pays close attention to detail and quickly
   responds to emails 
-  A passion for the BK community and the benefits of the
   Yale alumni network 
If you’re interested, please reach out to Max ( or Varsha ( with the subject line BK Fellows Program Associate Liaison Position so we can chat about potentially bringing you on board! 
Cheers to a great semester, 
Max & Varsha

A message from Lukas Cox, BK’19:  I’m a senior Literature major and filmmaker in BK, and over the past nine months I’ve been working with two other Yalies on a documentary film called 120 YEARS. The film tells the story of Scott Lewis, a man from New Haven who spent 20 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit – and devoted every waking moment of his sentence to a formidable legal case proving his innocence. We’re hosting a screening in conjunction with The Politic next Saturday, September 8th, at 6:30 PM in Luce Hall (34 Hillhouse Ave), followed by a panel discussion featuring Scott himself, attorney Brett Dignam (formerly of Yale Law), and other legal authorities who helped Scott eventually win his case. This film is about the New Haven community we all inhabit – both the corruption in its systems and the tenacity in its residents.
Students can reserve (free) tickets here. More info can also be found on our website.

Academic Strategies Workshops provide insights and practical approaches to students’ everyday academic work. Click here for more details.
Attend a workshop (listed here) or Meet 1-1 with a peer Academic Strategies Mentor for advice and strategies for meeting Yale’s academic challenges. or visit their website for more information.

Each Residential College is assigned a personal librarian, and this year, BK’s is the wonderfully helpful Scott Matheson. Please feel free to contact him with any and all library-related questions.  Scott is also a loyal BK Fellow!

STUDY ABROAD: Thinking about study abroad? Tour the study abroad website, meet the staff, or explore possible program options. Sign up for the Study Abroad Newsletter to receive updates twice a month about upcoming application deadlines, information sessions by region or program, social events, and more!
FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS: Interested in national or international fellowship opportunities? Hear directly from the fellowships team: sign up to receive your class year’s Fellowship Programs biweekly newsletter.  Visit Yale Fellowship Programs’ Calendar to keep up-to-date on events and information sessions, important deadlines, and many additional opportunities.
OFFICE OF CAREER STRATEGY: It’s never too early to start planning for your future after Yale. Meet with an adviser for questions related to the OCR program at the Office of Career Strategy. Also remember to complete the required 2018 Summer Activities Survey for Returning Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: If you haven’t already, you must complete this very brief survey (takes less than 3 minutes) available on the Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity. Please note this survey is a required part of the Registrar’s check-in process for all returning students.

Contact the BK office with questions, comments, or submissions. Submissions are due by noon, Friday, for publication on the following Monday.