Berkeley College Fellows & Associate Fellows - K

Saatchi Kalsi, Woodbridge Fellow, Office of International Affairs
Tahia Kamp, Senior Research Analyst, Office of Development
Laurence Kanter, Chief Curator Yale Art Gallery
Bonnie Kaplan, PhD, Lecturer in Anesthesiology
Stephen Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Political Science, George Washington University
David Kastan, George M. Bodman Professor of English
Lee Katz, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Randall Kau, Managing Director of Advisory Services
Joseph Hayes Kavanagh, Attorney and Musician
John Kelly, M.D.
Sean Kelly, Faculty Dean Dunster House, Harvard University
James Kenny, Director of Leadership Giving
Richard Keppelman, Attorney
Maria Kerbel, Licensed Architect
Michael Kerbel, Director, Yale Film Study Center
Daniel Kevles, Stanley Woodward Professor Emeritus of History, History of Medicine & American Studies
Henry Kissinger, 56th Secretary of State
Scott Kline
Robert Knight
Jonathan P. Knisely, Radiation Oncology, Weill Cornell Medicine
Joshua Knobe, Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science
Reverend Canon Kovoor, Principal of Trinity College in the UK