Berkeley College Fellows & Associate Fellows - W

Diana Waggner, Partner and Portfolio Manager
Frederick E. Walker
Xiao-Jing Wang, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, NYU Shanghai
Xinchen Wang, Associate Director, Yale Investments Office
Emily Wang, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Alice Waters, Executive Chef, Founder and Owner of Chez Panisse
Patricia Wei, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale
Roman Weil, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University and the University of California
Thomas Weil, Chief Legal Officer WaterHealth International
Tisa Wenger, Associate Professor of American Religious History, Divinity School & American Studies
Alexander Westphal, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and in the Child Center
Jonathan Westphal,  Professor of Philosophy (retired)
Rebekah Westphal, Director, Office of Fellowship Programs
Thomas Whitaker, Professor, English
Steven Wilkinson, Nilekani Professor of India & South Asian Studies
Elizabeth Wilkinson, Associate Director, Global Initiatives
F. Perry Wilson Jr., Retired V.P. Saint Raphael Hospital
Avril Winks, Associate Master of Berkeley College, 1977-1990
Edward Wittenstein, Executive Director of YYGS; Lecturer, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
Joseph Wolenski, Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus Philosophical Theology Divinity School