What is Shareware? 

Shareware is a free and simple dishware loan program for students. 

How does it work? 

To reserve dishware, check the Shareware calendar hereThis link will display the Shareware calendar on your Gcal, adding all-day events that detail how many plates, cups, and utensils are available for pick-up each day. After you check the calendar, you can remove it from you Gcal by unclicking the Shareware calendar on the left side of the screen. 

If dishware is available on the day of your event, fill out the google form here. Once we have confirmed your request, you can pick your dishware from the Berkeley College office at the designated time. After your event, return your dishes to the Berkeley Dining Hall. You will also receive an email with a google form to confirm that you have returned the dishware.

Why should I use Shareware? 

Shareware is a free alternative to disposable dishware that helps reduce unnecessary waste on campus.